Tanba Chestnuts = Tamba Sasayama travel Guide. Presented by TANBANOSATO-HONPO.


 > Oshoin; Large Administrative Chamber
 > The Ruins of Sasayama Castle
* A quasi-national historic spot
 > Taisho Roman-kan
 > Kawaramachi Merchant Houses
 > Sue-no-Sato; Tachikui-yaki Pottery


 > Tanba Matsutake Mushrooms
 > Tanba Chestnuts
 > Tanba Black Soybeans
 > Tanba Black Young Soybeans
 > Tajima Beef
 > Yamanoimo; Yams
 > Tanba Tachikui-yaki; Tanba Tachikui Pottery

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Tanba Chestnuts

Tanba Chestnuts, excellent in size, color, luster, taste, reputed to be the best in Japan both nominally and virtually, are mentioned in Nihonshoki, Chronicles of Japan. The taste is worth the title of a king of chestnuts among the several hundred varieties.



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