Tanba Kuro Daizu; Tanba Black Soybeans = Tamba Sasayama travel Guide. Presented by TANBANOSATO-HONPO.


 > Oshoin; Large Administrative Chamber
 > The Ruins of Sasayama Castle
* A quasi-national historic spot
 > Taisho Roman-kan
 > Kawaramachi Merchant Houses
 > Sue-no-Sato; Tachikui-yaki Pottery


 > Tanba Matsutake Mushrooms
 > Tanba Chestnuts
 > Tanba Black Soybeans
 > Tanba Black Young Soybeans
 > Tajima Beef
 > Yamanoimo; Yams
 > Tanba Tachikui-yaki; Tanba Tachikui Pottery

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Tanba Kuro Daizu
Tanba Black Soybeans

Black Soybeans are called gthe meat of a field (farm)h because of their high nutritive value. Tanba Black Soybeans are round and big, and easy to cook beautifully because the skin stays how long you boil them. The special taste of Tanba Black Soybeans is critically acclaimed which grow in the clayey soil under the difference in temperature of night and day.



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