Tanba Kuro Eda Mame; Tanba Black Young Soy Beans = Tamba Sasayama travel Guide. Presented by TANBANOSATO-HONPO.


 > Oshoin; Large Administrative Chamber
 > The Ruins of Sasayama Castle
* A quasi-national historic spot
 > Taisho Roman-kan
 > Kawaramachi Merchant Houses
 > Sue-no-Sato; Tachikui-yaki Pottery


 > Tanba Matsutake Mushrooms
 > Tanba Chestnuts
 > Tanba Black Soybeans
 > Tanba Black Young Soybeans
 > Tajima Beef
 > Yamanoimo; Yams
 > Tanba Tachikui-yaki; Tanba Tachikui Pottery

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Tanba Kuro Eda Mame
Tanba Black Young Soy Beans

Tanba Black Young Soy Beans are young ones before Tanba Black Soy Beans get ripe. The light purple beans are large with special flavor, and taste quite different from ordinary white young soy beans. They are worth eating more than once.
You can find them at the high-class department stores in Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe.



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