Tamba Sasayama travel Guide. Presented by TANBANOSATO-HONPO.


 > Oshoin; Large Administrative Chamber
 > The Ruins of Sasayama Castle
* A quasi-national historic spot
 > Taisho Roman-kan
 > Kawaramachi Merchant Houses
 > Sue-no-Sato; Tachikui-yaki Pottery


 > Tanba Matsutake Mushrooms
 > Tanba Chestnuts
 > Tanba Black Soybeans
 > Tanba Fresh Black Soybeans
 > Tajima Beef
 > Yamanoimo; Yams
 > Tanba Tachikui-yaki; Tanba Tachikui Pottery

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The Travel Lure of Sasayama

Come to Sasayama to relax.
The street scene is nostalgic and the time seems to flow slowly here. The wonder is that Tanba-ji makes all the visitors feel that way. Every one of the casual rural scenes and traditional low eaves makes a deep impression. Get away from the din and bustle of a city, walk around where your feet lead you and make yourself at home.
Sasayama is a good place to spend time that way.

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